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WAARRRNNINNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!: THE CURRENT BATCHES OF THE CRAZYBEE BOARDS FROM HAPPYMODEL ARE TOTAL RUBBISH. THE FAILURE RATE EXCEEDS 60% ADVISED TO WAIT AND LET THINGS BLOW OVER BEFORE CONSIDERING USING SUCH ITEMS. The Beta boards have not been too reliable for me but now may be better albeit still a poor option. I don’t even know what to do about all this yet. China 🙁




This frame design has not changed.  Just the name did.  It will still fit the Amax 1103 motors

This version will fit specifically three hole motor mount patterns of M1.4 with 8mm diameter, and three hole M2 with 9mm diameter.  The frame kit comes with M2 screws of the correct length for the motors but not M1.4 screws.  you’ll need 4mm M1.4 screws if your motor takes those.  This product is a frame ONLY.  This is NOT a complete build.

While 1S is cool and super duper safe, the 2S version of this build with 1103 motors is so superior that I almost want to discontinue this frame option.

FC mounting patterns:
25.4 x 25.4mm – Whoop board mount

Things included with this:
– The frame.  2mm carbon fiber in ‘oil rubbed’ finish.
– 5x a really small remake of the popular ‘race wire’  (Starting from 2/6/19 this item is discontinued….more explained below)
– The following hardware:
4x Steel M2x15mm
4x Steel M2x20mm
1x Steel M2x12mm
4x Steel M2 locknut
20x M1.4x4mm screws
20x M2x4mm screws
(steel because plastic/nylon breaks too easily)

Unfortunately there are no whoops that I know of currently that are a good direct transfer onto this frame.  It really is best with an 1103 motor and whatever you buy will likely come with long enough wires to direct solder.  So I’ve discontinued the mini race wire because there’s no point to it anymore… :-/

This does NOT come with a camera mount.  You may already have a bunch of whoop-like mounts that may work or may want to use a different camera.
Or I would advise you consider this item:

The frame has mounting patterns for typical Whoop AIO boards as well as a 16×16 M2 pattern.

This frame weighs about 7.8g with hardware and without the NewBeeDrone cam mount which is 1.3g

Target build weight:
Less than 75g with 2S 450mah
Less than 50g with 1S 450mah (most public safe option)
Maximum recommended load for 65mm props ~95g

Please checkout this build log if you’d like some help on that:
For a short hand parts list review check out this page:

Build spec recommendation:
Toothpick frame with Bee Brain camera mount
Crazybee F4:
AIO camera/vtx:
Beta 0802 12,000kv for 1S:
AMAX 1103 7500kv for 2S (will need this drill
KK 65mm prop:
I would recommend you get a drill kit like this to get the props to fit any motor you may use:

This battery for 2S:
XT30 connector for 2S:
Or you could go with the JST connector.  For 2S, the stock little wire harness is not a good choice.


About the frame:
The original idea of this design was to take your typical Mobula/Trashcan/Snapper and transfer all the parts onto a carbon frame for use with the large 65mm props that seem to be magical. Keep reading below for my test results…

This is a small ~101mm frame that accepts large 65mm props for use with (recommended) 0802 to 1103 motors. The goal with this frame and class of quad is to inspire a very light weight build which performs shockingly well and is regulation compliant, very safe to fly around sparsely populated areas and tons of fun.  Whoops are great but performance is what I seek.

With the extremely low weight and robust 2mm plate, this frame is very durable.  As with all of my designs, I work to optimize just a few good designs rather than working on a plethora of them.  I test for weak spots and improve them as best I can prior to release.  Even though it’s so simple, this frame has had a good deal of work put into it.

This is NOT an original concept and credit must be given to RotorX for pioneering the micro class back in 2012. However recently, micro components have become much less finicky and surprisingly reliable if you choose the right ones. With the onslaught of brushless whoops, we now have access to a couple of AIO control boards that I have personally found to be shockingly reliable…

While this frame is designed to be strong, on 2S with an AUW >60g, the quad can generate quite a bit of speed so the frame is at risk of breaking.  You’ll have a hard time breaking it on 1S but it’s also not impossible.  I did my best to assure it’s durable and light.

For a short hand parts list review check out this page:

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .5 in


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