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This product will not be restocked unless I hear back from those that will be receiving it that it’s awesome.  I did not have any good experiences with this particular configuration on the Emax tinyhawk stack….things may change in the future if the electronics change however.

This is a more advanced frame.  I won’t have a build log for it but I’ll put some pictures below.  I don’t recommend this for anyone that’s not already experienced with building.  The shortcomings of this frame is that you cannot transfer over the TinyHawk motors because they will not accept any prop other than the TinyHawk props.  Using the regular TinyHawk props is not advised on a frame like this.  You’re better off leaving it stock.  Also, the TinyHawk only does 1S so you’re limited to 1S motors.  I would recommend the Beta 0802 12,000kv or some other 0804 in around 12,000kv.  Either the one from iFlight or Brother Hobby are alright.

Furthermore, this is an unfinished design.  While all the parts fit and work, I have not been able to devise a good camera mounting solution.  It comes with a little carbon loop up front to stick the camera in….this is really a custom builders product and I only had the manufacturer cut five for those few that might want to try it to see what having the battery on top feels like on a small light quad with large props.  Please note these warnings.

The frame is designed for a 3-hole motor mount pattern in 8mm diameter M1.4 and 9mm diameter M2.

Things included with this:
– The frame.  2mm carbon fiber with an oil rubbed finish.
– 5x a really small remake of the popular ‘race wire’
– The following hardware:
4x Steel M2x15mm
4x Steel M2x20mm
1x Steel M2x12mm
4x Steel M2 locknut
20x M1.4x4mm screws
20x M2x4mm screws
(steel because plastic/nylon breaks too easily)

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .5 in

1 review for TinyHawk Toothpick…ToiletHawk

  1. Samuel

    Hi buddy, love the work you do on these microquad, I am thinking of converting my tinyhawk and would love to hear when you are going to get more of these frames … is it possible for me to pre-order ?

    • Kabab

      The tiny hawk frame unfortunately won’t be restocked. After further testing I’ve found it to be lackluster in performance compared to the crazybee 2S option. I hope that the tinyahwk electronics are updated in time but for now, I’m going to spare anyone from a meh experience.

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