BeeBrain V2 Camera Mount


Simply the very best Whoop mount I’ve used

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Due to China new year, manufacturing has been
halted and it will take about a month for the factories to catch up on work again.  Unfortunately this means that the earliest shipments will begin to go out is the very end of March.  We apologize for the delays but this is out of our hands.

Orders for this product will open again when the other ones open.

This is simply the very best Whoop mount I’ve used.  It fits onto the Toothpick frame perfectly and doesn’t even require a nut to hold it on.  The holes just thread right into the M2 mount.  It fits both the Caddx EOS cam as well whoop/AIO cam/Vtx units such as this one which I highly recommend:

In order to fit the Caddx EOS cam, you will need to clip off the lens guards.  Unscrew the lens off the Caddx camera, put the camera body inside the mount, then screw the lens back on.  You can use a drop of hot glue or something to fix the camera in place.

Be careful about getting dust into the camera body or you’ll have black spots or lines on your sensor that will move around as you bump things.

In general, I do not recommend the Caddx EOS cam due to the awful lens options which do not provide enough FOV and because it’s extremely sensitive to any vibrations.  Any vibrations at all will make you feel like you’re swimming through really wobbly jello.

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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