Santa Monica College – various AA degrees
University of California, Los Angeles – Psychobiology Latin honors
University of California, San Francisco – Doctor of Dental Surgery
University of Pittsburgh – Advanced Education in General Dentistry
Various implant, zygomatic implant and grafting surgical courses

I’m currently a full time dentist but love development in technical fields. FPV just happens to blend several of my interests.

I have been working with electronics and technology from the moment I could hold an instrument and have been flying since late 2014. I love the extremely rapid development and experimentation in the FPV industry more than anything. Through working with various companies and teams over the years, I have become extremely interested in eCommerce and particularly the inner workings of the YouTube society and ways in which different industries utilize social marketing systems.

Up until the launch of this site, I have been working on various projects just for fun. A great deal of my time has been spent and the primary goal of this site is to make my time investment worthwhile in some small way.

I have consulted for first responder organizations and numerous companies, domestic, international and dental over the years. I greatly enjoy consulting on anything related or cross-related to my interests and particularly enjoy helping others bring awesome products and services to market. Bob@KababFPV.com

As a Dentist, I perform general dentistry but enjoy focusing on implant dentistry and sedation. I’m currently working on transitioning my practice model from a storefront office to a primarily mobile practice. The goal is to offer sedation and surgical services such as wisdom teeth extractions, implants and grafting to other Dental offices. If you have dental related questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Dental@KababFPV.com

Current goals with this site and YouTube:
– The highest priority is to have fun and help more people have as much fun as I’m having.
– The main goal of this site is to produce a positive income to justify working towards developing and producing more awesome things.
– Who am I kidding? All the money from this site will likely go into developing more things.
– A distant goal is also to develop an efficient enough order fulfillment infrastructure to add other unrelated stores to my warehouse for order fulfillment.
(I realize Amazon does this better than anyone but I’d like to do it on a small scale. As a dentist, I love systems…)

General areas of interest:
– Dentistry: implants, grafting, sedation
– Automation, Robotics
– Manufacturing methods
– Distributed computing (commonly confused with ‘Bitcoin’)
– Emerging/disruptive markets and services
– YouTube and the common age of social marketing
– The disruptive approach of China vs. the world
– Architecture
– UX design
– Industrial design